Our Leadership Team

Antony Xavier
Founder & President

Antony Xavier is CEO & President of SimpleSolve, co-founding the company with Sam Serrapede in 2000. ...

Antony Xavier Headshot
Brajesh Ugra
Chief Operating Officer

With 40 years of industry experience behind him, Brajesh leads the operations of SimpleSolve and ...

Brajesh Ugra Headshot
Henry Edinger
Chief Strategist

Formerly the Chief Customer Experience officer at Travelers, Henry is a P&C expert with more than 30 ...

Henry Edinger Headshot
Bala Thiru
Technology & Innovation Strategist

Bala is a seasoned leader in technology and management consulting, bringing over 30 years of experience to ...

Bala Thiru Headshot
Delanea Davis
Market Research & Industry Trends Advisor

Delanea brings more than 25 years of P&C insurance expertise. For nearly a decade, she co-led the ...

Delanea Davis Headshot
Barbara Schwarz
Business Development Manager

Barbara Schwarz is SimpleSolve’s New Business Development Manager responsible for the sales and marketing ...

Barbara Schwarz Headshot
Jayanarayana Bhat
VP - Implementation Services

Jayanarayana Bhat, “JB” to our clients and employees, is the VP of Implementation Services. 

Jayanarayana Bhat Headshot
Tessy Antony
Chief Financial Officer

Tessy Antony is the CFO and Treasurer of SimpleSolve, joining the company at inception in 2000. Tessy has ...

Tessy Antony Headshot
Chandramouli Subramanian
Chief Innovation Officer

Chandra Mouli “Mouli" has over 30yrs experience working with Global technology providers in Senior ...

Chandramouli Subramanian Headshot
Tara Antony
VP - Customer Services

Tara Antony is the Vice President of Customer Service at SimpleSolve. Tara is responsible for overall ...

Tara Antony Headshot
Rajesh Doraiappa
Chief Operating Officer - Delivery Center

Rajesh Doraiappa heads the Delivery Center of SimpleSolve. Rajesh oversees the development of the ...

Rajesh Doraiappa Headshot
Shankar Viswanathan
Manager - HR & Administration

Shankar is a seasoned HR leader with close to 15 years of experience across multiple industries and is the ...

Shankar Viswanathan Headshot