Tech Stack

Single Page Application (SPA):

The entire SimpleINSPIRE application is a SPA that interacts with the user by dynamically rewriting the current web page rather than loading entire new pages from a server.

Angular Framework:

SimpleINSPIRE UI is based on an Angular Framework which allows the creation of very user-friendly user interfaces, makes web applications responsive on multiple devices, display resolutions, and multi-browser compatible with little or no additional effort. 

Microservices Architecture:

Structures an application as a collection of services that are highly maintainable. Application microservices are loosely coupled and Independently deployable, which means they are reusable when more features and pages are added to the system. Microservices are organized around business capabilities and not application page specific. Our Microservices are developed using .Net Core.


The Primary Database of the application is presently on MS SQL Server 2017. We constantly keep our product updated when new versions of MS SQL are released but give customers a choice to upgrade on their own schedule.

Integration through Message Queuing: 

Message queuing allows physically distinct applications or services to seamlessly integrate and collaborate during run time.

Elastic Search (ELK)

Based on Lucene, which is used to support very powerful search engines in many popular big data solutions. It is used within SimpleINSPIRE for many systems initiated searches to support intelligent underwriting and efficient customer service. The system has messaging services that sync Elastic data in real-time.

Cache (Redis):

Disk Read/Write is the Achilles heel of any system when it comes to performance. Caching is a very effective way to improve system performance. SimpleINSPIRE cached configuration data and master data across users for sub-second response times in data retrieval. Caching can be configured with failover options, and in addition, if the Cache server is unavailable, the system is designed to directly retrieve the same data directly from the database. SimpleINSPIRE uses Redis for Caching and Rabbit MQ Messaging queue for data synchronization.

Trace File Logging:

SimpleINSPIRE has elaborate Trace File logging (using Serilog) throughout the application and application tiers, to assist in production support and issue diagnosis. Trace files from all servers (including load-balanced multiple servers) are consolidated into an elastic search data store, which lends itself to easy analysis and research (Kibana UI).

Supports Single Sign-on, with Active Directory (AD) Integration:

Employee users, already logged into their PC’s or Laptops, will be seamlessly logged into the application.


  • SimpleINSPIRE can be deployed on the Cloud or On-Premise.
  • Deployment on the cloud has several benefits, including better security, minimal need for managing the environment, and in particular, scaling of environments.
  • SimpleINSPIRE can be deployed as a Containerized Application which allows easy vertical and horizontal scaling. Automate scaling is possible using systems like Kubernetes with little or no down-time.
  • SimpleINSPIRE can be deployed in a Windows server environment (IIS based) or on a Linux server environment (NGINX).


  • Application is designed for load-balanced deployment, providing for superior application performance and also making it very scalable.
  • Application Development and Source Maintenance are designed for incremental deployment rather than requiring full replacement application deployment. This minimizes or avoids application downtime.
  • HTML Compression enabled for effective streaming of Application Pages between the application server and the PC/Device browser.
  • Data Caching (Redis on servers and NGRX at browser level) enables near-instantaneous data retrieval.
  • Manage and automate application deployment/upgrades using build creation and deployment tools