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At SimpleSolve, we understand that handling insurance policy questions and claims is a process that goes well beyond just the agent and the policyholder. This often requires the assistance of dedicated customer service representatives (CSRs). That's why we designed a number of SimpleInsure features with the needs of your CSRs in mind, and these features are tied together with a straightforward interface that’s as easy to learn as it is to navigate.

Streamlining The Process

Your CSRs’ use of SimpleInsure will typically begin at the SimpleInsure Navigator. This handy central hub offers each representative effortless access to any must-have information needed to handle the various situations with which they’re presented, including folders related to policy, claims, accounting and agencies. If your CSR needs a more in-depth look at a particular case or claim, they’re afforded equally easy access to the specific agent's or client’s pertinent data thanks to the one-click connection between your SimpleInsure office application and related web portal applications. And as your CSRs go about their work, essential tools, like Task List and Simplex Editor, help ensure smooth progress by making to-do list assembly as easy as can be and assisting your CSRs with conversation recordings.

SimpleInsure: Your Custom Enterprise Solution

SimpleInsure, designed by SimpleSolve, has been carefully crafted to help you handle your insurance company’s book of business. The plethora of features in this fully integrated software solution targets each aspect of policy administration, from rating and quoting to billing, claims management and beyond. And no matter what your unique situation demands, we’ll make certain that SimpleInsure measures up to your standards by customizing it precisely for your company. Learn more about SimpleInsure or our numerous other services by contacting us today.

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Latest News

  • September 2016 the SimpleSolve Team of Sam Serrapede, Joy Nastasi and Tara Antony attended the NAMIC Annual Convention in Vancouver, BC. They were featured in the NAMIC New Marketplace Solutions Tour. Our newest products, the SimpleInsure Mobile version, Business Analytics Tool and SOW Tracker received interest from many senior executives in the mutual insurance industry.

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